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Captain Arrrgh
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Captain Arrrgh is a recurring character in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


Captain Arrrgh is the leader of a pirate crew, notorious for stealing valuable items in the Spies' city. The Captain is most often seen with his pet chicken, Poulet, and his second-in-command, First Mate. Captain Arrrgh does not truly care for any of his crew and frequently gets annoyed at their pranks.


Captain Arrrgh has light skin, red hair and a green eye (the opposite eye is covered by an orange steampunk goggle lens). He wears a primarily blue pirate outfit with yellow-orange armor and brown gloves. His shoes are black with gray buckles.

Whilst working in the prison canteen, he wore a pirate hat made out of newspaper, a blue shirt, grey jeans, a white apron, white socks and brown loafers.


Captain Arrrgh's first appearance was in "Singing Pirate." He also appears in "Fake Fresh Beats" and "Band of Pirates."



  • In the credits of "Singing Pirate," Captain Arrrgh's name is spelled with four R's (as "Arrrrgh"). In the credits of all subsequent episodes, it is spelled with three R's (as "Arrrgh").
  • Captain Arrrgh and Poulet are allergic to cats.
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