Fresh Beat Band of Spies

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Animated children's television series
Created by
Directed by
Chuck Sheetz
Country of origin
United States
Season count
Episode count
Running time
21-23 minutes
Original channel

Fresh Beat Band of Spies is an American-Canadian television series broadcast by Nickelodeon. It is a spin-off of The Fresh Beat Band. The show ceased production after one season in January 2016.


A group of four musical spies (disc jockey Twist, guitarist Kiki, keyboardist Shout and drummer Marina) solve mysteries in their town with the help of their monkey sidekick Bo, technology expert Reed, and their supervisor Commissioner Goldstar.


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One season consisting of twenty episodes has been ordered.


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The show focuses on seven main characters, all of which appear in every episode. The series has several recurring characters and many minor characters. A majority of the series' characters are one-time antagonists.


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The series' main cast consists of six voice-over artists: Jon Beavers, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Tommy Hobson, Tara Perry, Tom Kenny and Keith Silverstein. Their work can be heard in every episode. Guest stars make up a large percentage of the show's minor cast.

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