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Fresh Beat Band of Spies stars a group of four spies - Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina - who solve mysteries and stop crime in their town with the help of Commissioner Goldstar, their monkey sidekick Bo, and gadget guy Reed.

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Fresh Beat Facts

  • The original copyright for Fresh Beat Band of Spies was filed on March 6, 2014.
  • Dave MacDougall, a character designer on the show, has hinted at a second season.
  • Fresh Beat Band of Spies posters and shirts had been sold at live Fresh Beat Band concerts from November 2014 until February 2015.

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Featured Hero

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Commissioner Goldstar is a main character in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


Commissioner Goldstar is the well-respected chief of police who appears at the end of every Fresh Beat Band of Spies episode to congratulate the Fresh Beats on their successes. Though he does not normally arrest the evildoers that the spies encounter, Commissioner Goldstar will always give the villains their comeuppance by assigning them community service or making them undo the damage they've caused. The Commissioner has a niece named Lily, who likes to spend time with the Fresh Beats and owns an adorable pugoodle (part pug, part poodle) dog named Goldie.


The Commissioner wears a light blue striped shirt with long sleeves and a collar, as well as a black necktie and a pair of dark blue jeans. On his shirt is a golden star, hence his name Goldstar.


Commissioner Goldstar appears in every episode of the series. His first appearance was in "The Wow Factor."

Featured Villain

Fresh Beat Band of Spies Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp Nickelodeon Nick Jr.jpg

Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp is a recurring antagonist in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp is a muscular villain who goes to great lengths to complete his various collections. He often displays extreme egocentricity, as he has a group of cheerleaders follow him around. Von Winnerchamp's catchphrase is "Von Winning!" (which he exclaims after stealing an object to add to his collection).


Von Winnerchamp has blonde hair, a missing tooth and a muscular appearance. His normal outfit is a white-and-purple shirt with a purple sweatband and white shorts. His shoes are also white and purple.


Von Winnerchamp debuted in "Trophy Trouble." He also appears in "Masked Wrestler," "Fake Fresh Beats" and "Bo's Birthday Bash."

Featured Episode

Werewolf Hairwolf.png

Werewolf Hairwolf is the seventh episode of Fresh Beat Band of Spies from the first season.


After Twist, Bo Monkey, Reed and most of the townspeople are turned into werewolves, the spies must determine how to change them back to normal before the sun rises.

  • This is the first episode to show the cheerleaders without Von Winnerchamp.
  • This episode marks the first time Reed appears in a music video sequence.
  • Pop Skull, a production company for the show, released a promotional image of Were-Bo from this episode on their Twitter page.

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