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Mojo Fauxhawk is a minor character in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


Mojo Fauxhawk is the owner of a barbershop across the street from Kiki's hair salon. He turns into a werewolf whenever the full moon rises; Mojo likely learned how to cut hair from trimming his own werewolf fur. However, his business is extremely unsuccessful compared to Kiki's, and he envies her prosperity. This jealousy once caused him to use a potion to turn the townspeople into werewolves, so that they would come to his shop to get their werewolf hair cut. Mojo speaks with a false British accent.


Mojo has fair skin and blue eyes. His hair is dark blue with streaks of a lighter blue. He wears a red T-shirt, a brown jacket, blue jeans with a brown belt and brown boots. Mojo's ears are pierced, and he wears blue circular earrings.


Mojo Fauxhawk appears in one episode of Fresh Beat Band of Spies, "Werewolf Hairwolf."


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