Music Store

FBBOS Inside of the Music Store

Retail store/spy base
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The Music Store (known to the spy team as the spy base) is a major location in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


The store is an establishment owned by Reed. It has never been shown to have any customers, most likely because its primary use is as the spies' top-secret spy base. With the press of a button on Reed's remote, the store transforms from an ordinary-looking instrument shop into an advanced technology center.


The store is a blue-green, circular building with a large guitar statue on top. On the inside, there are blue and white walls (most of which hold guitars and brass instruments). In the center of the store is a dark purple stand made to look like a phonograph record. After the store transforms into the spy base, all instruments disappear and are replaced by blue screens.


The Music Store is visited in most episodes of Fresh Beat Band of Spies. It was first visited in "The Wow Factor."


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