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Squee Z. Dumpkins is a minor character in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


Squee Z. Dumpkins is a somewhat well-known Internet star. She has appeared on "The Cute List," a countdown of the cutest pet-related viral videos, several times. However, Squee Z. Dumpkins has let this fame go to her head, and will stop at nothing to be considered the best at making cute animal videos. She kidnapped Lily's dog Goldie (as well as many of the town's cutest animals) in an attempt to make the ultimate video, but was stopped by the Fresh Beats.


Squee Z. Dumpkins has pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a T-shirt with a blue rabbit's image on it, as well as a pink puffer coat, a purple skirt, white socks and purple shoes.


Squee Z. Dumpkins appears in two episodes of Fresh Beat Band of Spies, "Cute Crook" and "Fresh Beat Babies."

Her Fuzzy Bumpkins appear without her in "Bunnies Go Bananas."


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