Fresh Beat Band of Spies Townspeople

Female and male
Speaking voices
Tom Kenny
Keith Silverstein
Ava Acres
Jaden Betts
Keith Ferguson
Mindy Sterling
Aidan Sussman
Fred Tatasciore
First appearance

The townspeople are minor characters in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


The townspeople are various residents of the town. They are often used to fill up space or as plot devices. Townspeople's positions vary from fans watching the Fresh Beats in concert to food salespeople. The main characters interact with the townspeople on occasion, but do not know many of them well.


The townspeople appear in every episode of the series, though they never play a major role. Their first appearance was in "The Wow Factor."



  • Most of the townspeople are not named. However, several children on Shout's baseball team are given names: Dash, Jax, and Willa. An old lady seen in "Werewolf Hairwolf" is credited as "Granny." A shop owner is identified as Connie.
  • There are three different townspeople credited as "Fan." One fan is voiced by Keith Silverstein, the second is voiced by Keith Ferguson, and the third is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
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